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FCA Car Tag

We need to pre-sell 300 tags October 1, 2016, with the tags arriving in January 2017.

FCA Sample Tag

(This is just a mock-up of the design and not the final design.)


Special Note:  The letters on the right side of the tag, "BB", are in memory of Bill Buckner and his contribution to the growth of FCA in Mississippi.

Use the form below to order your tag
and pay by check or money-order.

(You will print the form and mail it with your payment.)

Mississippi FCA has an exciting opportunity to see an FCA specialty car tag established for our state. Thanks to the work of Lester Walls, our Jackson Inner-City FCA Representative and his Leadership Board, the Mississippi Legislature has given our ministry the go ahead to offer the FCA tag in our state. In order for this tag to go to print we must pre-sell 300 tags. We are asking you to help in two ways. First, be one of the 300 to purchase a tag.  Secondly, share this opportunity with your friends.

The tag will have our FCA logo on the far left and the words “Impacting the world for Christ” under the license numbers.  Also, the letters to the right, “BB”, are in memory of Bill Buckner, former State Director, and his contribution to the growth of FCA in Mississippi. (See sample tag on the side.) The cost of purchasing the FCA tag is $31 of which $24 will go to the ministry of FCA. This is a great opportunity to create visibility for our ministry and generate a revenue stream that will help us fulfill our mission throughout our state. We encourage you to help us become the First state to offer the FCA car tag. Thanks for your consideration and support.

300 tags must be pre-sold before the Department of Revenue will begin production on a particular distinctive tag.  When the Department receives the 300 applications, the appropriate fees, and a design provided by the organization and approved by the Department, the tag is sent for manufacturing.

The applicant will be notified by the organization (FCA) when his/her tag may be picked up at the tax collector in his/her county of residence.  The tax collector’s offices will have a list provided by the Department of the people who have already paid their fees and are entitled to one of the first 300 tags.

As soon as you receive notification that the tag is available at the tax collector’s office, the applicant should pick up his/her tag as soon as possible.  There are 60 days allowed from the time the organization is notified by the Department for the vehicle owner to pick up the license plate.  If the applicant chooses to wait beyond this time to pick up his tag, the special tag fee must be paid again at the time the tag is picked up.