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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Toolbox

The vision of the toolbox was inspired by my reading of the book Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis.  The premise of the book is that, rites of passage, when coupled with ceremony and gifts, can act as guide posts on a boy's journey into manhood.  Our goal being to guide my own boys into being authentic men.

In his book, Lewis references the medieval time period.  In this past culture, young boys admired the heroes of their day, the knights.  Each squire had to go through a regimented training and development process full of service, grunt work, and other rites of passage until their day would arrive -- a well-deserved and hard earned day of celebration and ceremony where he himself would be knighted!  There was no question he had reached the status of knight.  There was no doubt he had become a man.

When does a boy become a man in our current culture?  Is it when he drinks his first beer?  When he has sex for the first time?  Is it when he graduates from high school?  Is it when he has a child of his own or when he turns 18, 21, or 30 years of age?  Our culture provides no sufficient answers.  Our boys need help getting this pivotal question answered...

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