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Start a Coaches Huddle

Steps for Starting a Coaches Huddle:


  • Pray for God’s will on your campus.
  • Pray for the receptiveness and interest on your campus.
  • Pray for the salvation of the unsaved.  
  • Pray for the growth and maturity of believers.
  • Pray for God’s continually equipping of those leading. 



  • Secure day, time, and location of coach’s bible study. 
  • Recruit a bible study leader or facilitator. 
  • Develop a bible study plan with timeline and specific lessons outlined. 
  • Organize a weekly study agenda.
  • Plan an initial study that introduces FCA, explains what the study is about and the importance of commitment and confidentiality. 


  • Post some fliers with date, location and time around the gym or locker rooms
     Download free campus posters
  • Distribute promotional material to coaches.
  • Invite coaches to attend the Bible study.